Would you dare  to wear these ‘Christmas tree brows’ to your work Christmas party!

There have been feather brows, braided brows, glitter brows, ‘squiggle’ brows, and now, a festive update.

Yes, people on Instagram are turning their eyebrows into Christmas trees for a seasonally-appropriate look.


                                                      Source: Instagram/taytay

The trend was started by a You Tuber called Taylor R, who somehow manages to make it look cute and high fashion. It has barely been 72 hours since she posted her Christmas tree brows and fellow instagramers quickly followed posting brows with adorned with lights and ornaments.


So to wrap up 2017,  with some absolutely crazy brows. You can use wax to get that nice, feathery look, and then you can glue jewels or use stick on gems as desired to ornament your “tree” before finishing off with a yellow star.


                                                                                   Source: Instagram/mila.stuff

Source: Instagram/mila.stuff