UV Nail Lamps – What Are The Risks?

uv lamp

I have had a lot of questions about the dangers of using UV nail lamps during the application of gel nails or 3 week manicures. A typical salon treatment using gels that involves drying nails under a lamp that emits ultraviolet A (UVA) rays – a spectrum of light that is linked to skin cancers.

New studies suggest that the average monthly visit doesn’t cause damage to your skin or expose a person to potentially cancer causing amount of UVA light. Researchers say that even with numerous exposures, the risk of carcinogenesis remains small. They do agree that precautions should be taken, as with any exposure to ultra-violet light, including the use of sunscreens on the hands.










At the moment there is little risk but there is no regulation in Ireland on the manufacturing  of nail drying lamps, so the bulbs and wattage vary considerably from manufacturer so individuals have no way of knowing just how much exposure their skin is receiving upon each exposure.