Top Make-up Artist Making Waves Across the Atlantic

A well-known makeup artist from Carlow is making waves across the Atlantic after he secured his own television segment. John Paul Payne who studied makeup artistry in Carlow Institute for Further Education, is now the face of his own makeup based interview television series called ‘Bare It All’. The premise is simple but clever, interviewing celebrities and well known faces backstage at the television station, while John Paul gives them a makeover, with a before and after reveal at the end.


Television is a relatively new avenue for John Paul, but it isn’t his first time on camera. He is a familiar face at high profile events like Fashion Week and International Film Festival as a reporter on the TV programme ‘Outlook’ which airs to millions of homes across North America on the OUT TV network. He recently interviewed an Emmy Award winner and last year he came home to report from Ireland the results of the Marriage Equality referendum for the show.

  image2                                                                 JP in action 

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be in this situation. It’s been an enjoyable journey so far and it feels like all of the hard work is paying off. It’s very heart-warming when people have faith in you and your idea. Now this is my moment to shine but honestly it has been surreal to be on the set of  something I once dreamt of” said John Paul.

 image1                                                    JP with his first guest – Crystal Carson

The “Bare It All” series was created by John Paul and he is also a producer on the show. He first pitched the idea last year but it didn’t immediately get picked up. But late one night he was in the television centre editing and he bumped into a senior producer, who quickly saw its potential. “I was so passionate about it and she instantly said ‘I’m on board’”.


Filmed in the makeup studio at Shaw Television Tower in downtown Vancouver, it will be beamed into the homes of over two million Canadians on the Shaw Television Networks Channel 4. “We are starting slow and small, so we will aim to get a few made and see what happens. It will organically work in its own way. We just filmed the first one so now we know the style and how it’s going to look. Everyone is extremely excited”.

jp pic

  I had the honour of having my make-up done when JP worked for Elizabeth Arden in Carlow.


“I’m having a lot of fun with it. I have a great team of people helping me, who are equally as passionate about this as I am. It is a challenge for me as I will have to incorporate my two jobs, interviewer and makeup artist. However, I’m never afraid of a challenge!”


John Paul is also a makeup artist at CHANEL and seems to juggle all of his commitments seamlessly. “I think if you love what you do, and the people you work with, it doesn’t seem like I’m overloaded. I’m hoping to move to Europe at the end of this year, so I’m trying to fit in all the opportunities here that will benefit me going forward”.

The feature which appeared in my weekly ‘Pretty Beautiful’ Column in the Carlow Nationalist