Superfoods for Super Skin


Did you know that it can take up to 6 weeks for new skin to emerge to the surface? That is why you should always be patient with your skincare and beauty regime as it can take time to see the visible benefits from any beauty regime changes and also any dietary changes that you decide to implement. They are well worth making as the benefits to your skin really can be long-lasting.


Diet really does play a big part in how we maintain our skin which is our largest organ and should always be treated gently. Putting harsh chemical products on our face and bodies is something we tend to avoid in the natural beauty world, but equally as important is what we put into our mouths and some foods are far superior to others in this regard.

Did you know that almonds are rich in vitamin E? This helps to fight damaging free radicals and oxidative damage caused by smoking. Smoking can play havoc with our skin so almonds are worth looking into if you are a former smoker looking for a little assistance to pep up your skin. If you suffer from breakouts, add cantaloupe to your diet as it is packed with beta-carotene which works to thin out the outer layer of dead skin that can clog pores and lead to unwanted and nasty breakouts.


Spent too much time unprotected in the sun? Developed brown spots as a result? Try to eat some sweet potato as it contains anthocyanin which is anti-inflammatory and fights skin pigmentation issues. For a detailed illustrated look at the superfoods to help you with your skin regime, have a look at this infographic created by