Stila Make-up Product Review


Stila was a product range that had never existed in my make-up bag before now. I had always bypassed the Stila counters for no real reason – I guess I always thought it was out of my price range and I never really rated it. This just proves that you shouldn’t judge anything until you’ve tried it. I have definitely found some lovely products and The Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick has become one of my everyday favourites.



I was sent three products from the Stila range to try – Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer (Honey) €39.50, Stila Sun Bronzing Powder (01) €23.50 and Lipstick Colour Balm €21.50 in Brigitte. The first product I tried was the multi-tasking duo foundation and concealer. The foundation is an oil free, high definition matte foundation. It has good coverage, I would say medium coverage. I would recommend that you apply it in thin layers and build it as necessary to avoid the over caked look but this applies to all foundations. The creamy concealer comes with a handy mirror hidden inside the cap and it hides blemishes, dark circles and age spots. I don’t have very oily skin, I would say that I have more combination skin type and this foundation did stay all day so it worked well for me and I did like it. It also comes with a small brush, but I have to admit I wasn’t a fan, I found it a bit too small, the bristles were a bit hard and I found it hard to part with my all-time favourite F20 Blank Canvas Foundation Brush.












The second product I tried was the Stila Sun bronzing powder (01). This is another nice product from Stila, although I did learn the hard way that a little goes a long way! The first time I used this I was a bit heavy handed and ended up with the over contoured look.

stila 2

The final product I tried was the colour balm lipstick in Brigitte €21.50. It’s a bright, cherry wine shade. I usually opt for more neutral to pink tones so this shade took me out of my comfort zone a bit. I like the texture, as it feels more like a lip balm. If you are looking for a vibrant, vampy lip, then Brigitte is for you. I attended a strobing event recently organised by Kate from Stila in Sam Mc Cauleys, and I purchased the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore (Hot Pink) €21.50 – believe me it’s good, it’s really hard to remove! It comes in 9 shades and this has to be my favourite product in the range, it is a creamy matte, full coverage lip colour which stays in place for up to 6 hours. It can be a little drying, so apply a little lip balm underneath and this will solve the problem. You won’t regret this purchase, start dropping hints now, it would make a perfect little stocking filler.