Smokey Eyes


If there is one make-up look that never goes away, it’s the smokey eye. Year after year it comes back with even more vengeance. It’s a classic look that can easily be worked from wearable daytime to glamourous evening. The key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You need to make sure all the colours blend together flawlessly. Follow the steps below to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Prep the eyelid: the key to keeping the eye shadow on your eyelid all day is to keep the eyelid oil free. Start off with a primer. Some nice eye primers are Mac prep and Prime Eye €17.50 and Urban Decay’s primer potion €23.

Apply eye liner: If you are going for a typical smokey eye, apply eyeliner to the upper lash line- inner corner to outer corner.

Apply a light base: I like a cream shade as a base. Sweep light shadow over the eyelids all the way to the brow bone. Then blend in a medium colour halfway across the eyelid. Always keep this colour below the crease. Start at the lash line blending colour up towards the crease line. Blend the colour into the lash line so the eyeliner disappears. Always blend upward and outward into the crease of the eyelid. The key to this step is blend, blend and blend. There should be no harsh lines. Sweep the darkest shade into the outer corner of the eye and the crease to create a dark, intense shadow. Highlight the brow bone with a light shadow.

Blend in colour on the bottom lash line: A lot of people tend to forget about applying colour to under the lower lash line. This is key to the smokey eye look and it helps to balance the intensity of your upper lid. Eye liner pencil is probably the easiest way to achieve this as it’s the easiest to smudge. Draw a line and smudge with a cotton tip. I always apply a bit of dark eye shadow colour and blend to get the full smudge effect.

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