Heading into your 30’s usually means that your acne has subsided. The down side of this is that your skin is starting to dry out and you will also start seeing some hyperpigmentation, fine lines and darker circles under your eyes. Towards the end of your 30’s your skin will start to lose some of its elasticity and firmness. Cell turn-over starts to slow down in your 30’s resulting in duller skin with uneven skin texture. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove the dead skin cells and make sure that you are wearing sunscreen every day. It’s best to wear a moisturiser with SPF of 30 or higher in the morning and a richer moisturizer with powerful anti-oxidants at night. Key ingredien

l-oreal-revitalift-day-cream-spf30ts that you should be looking out for in your 30’s are retinol: a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient known to stimulate skin cell renewal and hyaluronic acid: to keep moisture in the skin and help to maintain skin’s youthful appearance. Revitalift by L’Oreal Paris €17.29 contains pro-retinol A and SPF  makes it a good day time moisturiser. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin texture appears more even and refined. The light non-greasy texture absorbs easily, leaving your skin beautifully moisturised and hydrated.
The late 30’s are a good time to introduce serums. They have higher concentrations of active ingredients so they offer deeper penetration into the skin. Serums are used to address specific concerns like wrinkles, age spots and discolouration. At this age I would use serums as a booster treatment before or after holidays or before a big occasion unless your skin has had a lot of excessive sun exposure and needs the continuous benefits of a serum. Look for a good Vitamin C based serum, it is usually listed as ‘ascorbic acid’ on the ingredient listbe8734ea7f3a5285_Estee-Lauder-Advanced-Night-Repair_xxxlarge. Vitamin C is a really effective multi-purpose ingredient which will kick start cell renewal, boost collagen and is a powerful anti-oxidant helping to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A good serum like Estee Lauder Advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex 11 at €54 contains high amounts of Vitamin C and will leave your skin visibly brighter. As we get older, our skin gets thinner. The eye area is the thinnest and most delicate area so we need to protect and moisturise it. If you are cClinique-Even-Better-Eyes-Dark-Circle-Correctoroncerned with puffiness, look for an eye cream or gel that contains caffeine. If dark circles are of concern products that contain light reflecting pigments will make the eyes look brighter. Clinique’s even better
dark circle eye cream €39.50 is a light tinted moisturising cream that’s ideal to wear daily, all year around. It has a cooling massage tip which refreshes tired-looking eyes.