Sara’s Make-up Bag
People are always asking what I recommend and what are my favourite skincare and make-up products. To be honest it is a very personal thing, what works for me might not work for you as we all have different skin types and needs and products can react differently on everyone’s skins. I will try and pick some of my absolute favourite skincare, make-up, hair and treatments over the coming months.

You are probably sick of listening to me raving on about Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, but here I go again! I love it, it works really well for me. It’s light weight, medium coverage and stays on all day. I have found an alternative that is much more cost effective and works dare I say just as well as the Luminous Silk foundation. Catrice HD liquid foundation €7.95, I have been using this on myself and I have it in my kit for a few months now and I would be devastated if it was ever discontinued! I have been saving a fortune. It is HD (High Definition) so it photographs really well. It does leaves a matt finish so if you are prone to really dry skin it probably isn’t the right foundation for you. It comes in four colours from 010-040. I use the 040 and I have mixed two colours together on occasion to get the right colour match.

For concealer I tend to mix and match and I have to confess I still haven’t found one that I am completely happy with. At the moment I sway between Urban Decay, Catrice and Rimmel.


My go to look used to always be the classic smokey eye as I always tended to opt for the browns and golds when I was choosing eye shadow palettes. I have got a lot more adventurous in my old age and tend to add in a bit of colour or pigment to brighten the look.  My favourite eye shadows now would have be the freedom eyeshadow system by Inglot. I also love Inglot gel liner 77, currently €15.

If I am going for the bod brow, I use the Freedom eyebrow pomade in chocolate €7.01.  From Tam Otherwise for a more natural brow, I love MAC brow pencil in Spiked €18.50.

I don’t wear much mascara as I wear mink individual lashes.

For lip liner I use Catrice, Essence or NYX to line the lips. I gave up spending a lot of money on lipsticks a long time ago as they don’t tend to have the staying power. Good stay all day lipsticks literally stay most of the day. I am a huge fan! The one exception is Velvet Teddy from MAC, I love this lipstick, and it’s one of their bestselling shades.
I tend to always use a stay all day lipstick among my favourites are Revolution Reign €8.40 and Stila Petina Stay All Day Liquid €21.20 and I am a big fan of all the Lime Chime lip glosses too.

For contouring and highlighting I have tried and tested a good few and I have to say I love Sculptured by Aimee Connolly €24.95.

Two of my favourite brush companies are Nima and Blank Canvas. You can only be as good as your brushes so it is important to invest in a good set of brushes. The blank canvas F20 €14.99 is my personal favourite foundation brush and Nima would be my choice for eye shadow brushes.

Sara x