Roz Purcell Interview

Roz Purcell launched her debut cookbook in February entitled ‘Natural Born Feeder’ which is a healthy-living and nutrition book. To mark the launch of her book, Roz opened a pop up shop on Baggot Street, which raised €11K for Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People.   She also runs a successful blog where she posts lots of healthy and tasty recipes. 25 year old Roz has been one of Ireland’s high profile models over the last 6 years.

Roz took time out of her very busy schedule to tell us the secrets to her amazing skin and what’s in her make-up bag.


Sara: What is your skincare routine and what products do you like to use?

Roz: My skincare regime is pretty minimal! My only golden rule is to remove my make-up every night – I will never fall asleep with it on. I take my make-up off with water wipes or bio miracle. At night, I use Image MD reconstructive cream and in the morning I wear Image daily SPF.


Sara: What is your favourite product?

Roz: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, my lips get chapped very easily, especially as this weather is so changeable. It is like a protective layer and makes them nice and glossy and plump.

8 hour cream

Sara: What make-up products are you currently using and loving?

Roz: From years of getting my make-up done, I’ve formed a collection of products I feel really work for my skin and suit my colouring and skin type. For my foundation, I love Charlotte Tilbury foundation in Light Wonder, it’s really light and works really well for my skin.  


I always use a MAC cream blush in ‘Lady blush’ for my cheeks and lips. For my lips I usually just opt for gloss and I love Mother Pucker from Soap and Glory.  I line my lips with a neutral lip pencil from MAC in Whirl.

For my eyes, I love using Inglot gel pots for eyeliner, they stay put all day and night! I really like MAC eyeshadow in copper tone for everyday wear. I use YSL false lash effect mascara as it gives really thick lashes and MAC Lingering pencil for my eyebrows. I believe that good make-up brushes are essential and my personal favourites are from Callanberry. They don’t shed, they are amazing.

mac lady blush











I also really like Chanel mousse pot as a bronzer and I do love Chanel aswell for my powder.

Sara: Have you any make-up tips that you have picked up throughout your modelling career?

Roz: Invest in a good set of make-up brushes, as it’s all about blending when it comes to good make-up application.


Sara: What is your favourite make-up product that you couldn’t live without?

Roz: It has to be Chanel Bronzing mousse. It gives you such a healthy glow without covering your skin. It’s super natural.

chanel mousse

Sara: What is your desert island product?

Roz: Definitely Sun Protection Factor (SPF). I use Image daily for a nice glow too.

Sara: What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Roz: Microdermabrasion. I get a treatment when I feel my skin is tired and need a pick up, it really clears out my skin from a build-up of make-up and makes a huge difference.

Sara: Any last bit of advice?

Roz: Practice a look what works best for you not for a celebrity you like. We are all different and it’s important to get to know your face and what colours work with your skin etc. Make-up is to enhance your features not cover them!