This is the first in a series of all things hair related. I am not an expert on hair so I enlisted the help of some of my local hair salons to answer some frequently asked questions.


I love a vibrant colour in my hair but how do I protect it from fading?


Your homecare and salon colour maintenance are essential to protect the vibrancy of your hair. We would always advise using a colour save shampoo and conditioner as homecare, and a semi-permanent colour mousse can be used in salon to nourish and intensify the vibrancy of your colour between colour services. Ciara at Lynda Maher Hair Studio would recommend our salon professional Colour Freeze Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner with UV protection, Special Retail 500ml Shampoo €12.25, 400ml Conditioner €13.25, in salon Colour Mousse €10 on request.


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