I recently interviewed Pippa O’Connor Ormond on her secrets to achieving her flawless skin and make-up. She has established herself as one of Ireland’s most successful models, beauty bloggers and television personalities. She is a busy working mum to one year old Ollie and she recently started a column in Irish U magazine. Pippa knows the importance of a good skincare routine to keep the skin looking in peak condition.

She diligently cleanses, tones and moisturises her skin twice daily. She is a fan of the Clarisonic Brush Cleanse from Boots for €199 which she uses a few times a week for a deeper cleanse. I only recently introduced the brush cleanse into my routine and I find it amazing. It is very effective at deep cleansing your skin and it is six times more effective than manual cleansing alone. The original Clarisonic brush cleanser is the best but they are lots of cheaper versions available which as very effective. Pippa likes to vary her skincare products and she is currently using Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel €32.50 which also works really well with the brush cleanser as it is a foaming cleanser and suitable for all skin types.

Her desert island product is Image Prevention + daily hydrating moisturiser. It is a lightweight, ultra-sheer UVA/UVB broad spectrum hydrating moisturizer. It provides the ultimate protection against the ageing effects of the sun and environmental exposures. This hydrating moisturizer contains potent antioxidant thiothaine, as well as other essential vitamins to prevent free radical damage. Pippa knows the importance in her line of work the damage that the sun can do the skin. She religiously applies it every morning to help prevent the ageing process and keep the skin well moisturised.

She has had the opportunity to work with lots of make-up products but among some of her favourites are Benefits They’re real Mascara €26, Sleek highlighter and she has recently discovered Benefits They’re real Push-up Liner €25. She tried lots of gel eyeliner over the years but she finds this one the easiest, most effective gel eyeliner that she’s ever used.

Pippa says that summer is the time to prep your body and her summer essential is body brushing. Body brushing will improve circulation, smoothes the skin, helps reduces cellulite and is great for removing ingrown hairs. She recommends the boots body brush at €13. Always body brush before you shower and brush upwards from the ankles. Her favourite treat would be getting a kerastase hair treatment at the hairdressers every few weeks.

Pippa’s beauty advice: Drink 2 litres of water every day. She believes that drinking 2 litres every day helps keep her skin clear and hydrated. Skin hydration also keeps the skin youthful. Why not try it for a few days, you will not only feel better yourself but your skin will benefit hugely too.