People are always curious about what my favourite skincare, make-up and hair products are and are constantly asking me to recommend products. This can be tricky as it is a very personal thing, what works for me might not work for you as we all have different skin types and needs and products can react differently on everyone’s skins. Over the coming months I will pick some of my absolute favourite skincare, make-up, hair and treatments to share with you.


Make-up: The Base You are probably sick of listening to me raving on about Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation €42.95, but here I go again! I love it, it works really well for me. It has everything I need in a foundation, it’s light weight, it gives natural coverage and stays on all day. My cheaper alternative that I opt for sometimes during the day is Fushia Moisture Fusion foundation €25. I did buy MAC Studio Fix Foundation recently and although it’s nice, it’s not my favourite.


A foundation brush is essential for a good, flawless foundation base. One of my favourites has to be the F20 from blank canvas €13.99, but I did start off with the essence powder brush €3.49 for a long time and it always worked perfectly fine.

bc f20

Eyes My go- to look is the classic smokey eye so I tend to opt for the browns, golds and purples when I’m choosing eye shadow palettes. When it comes to eye shadows you just can’t beat MAC eyeshades for pigment, staying put and a wide selection of colours. My favourite is the MAC Eye Shadow x15 cool brown palette at €72.00.

The W7 In The Night Smokey Shades Palette €7 palettes are a cheaper alternative that I often use, particularly during the day. They are well worth trying and are excellent value. They are surprisingly long lasting staying power, but you do need to spend a little longer building some of the lighter colours to get good pigment. I have In the buff palette, but recently bought the purple palette In the night and it’s my favourite.


I rarely go without mink eyelash extensions by Carlow’s lash expert Debbie Gibney Byrne, and I believe I am a bit of an addict. I usually opt for liquid liner on the upper lids and a black kohl pencil on the lower lashes and I love adding a pop of colour with royal blue eyeliner on the lower lash line.

Hair: When it comes to hair my knowledge is pretty limited so I always leave it up to Niamh and the girls in Lynda arganMahers in Carlow. One product that I do love and always use is the Argan oil mask. It’s divine and leaves your hair really silky.



Sara talks with: Marietta Doran

Stylist and Presenter Marietta Doran’s favourite make-up product is MAC Haute & Naughty Lash mascara and her favourite skincare product is Molivera organics sweet almond oil. Marietta believes it to be magic for skin, hair and nails.