MuMe Solid Brush Cleaner: This Product Will Clean Your Make-up Brushes With No Effort

Ask anyone who loves make-up – cleaning your make-up brushes is far from glamorous.  Make-up brushes pick up dead skin cells as well as oil and make-up residue and so unwashed brushes can harbour spot-inducing bacteria which can cause skin problems like spots and pimples. It’s best to clean them regularly so all residue and bacteria is removed. It’s one of those mundane tasks that none of us want to do but if you take the time to clean them properly, you’ll massively reduce the risk of break-outs and it ensures that you have a flawless application of make-up. Cleaning your brushes will also help extend the life of your brushes.

Professional make-up artists tend to clean their brushes every day but giving your brushes a quick wash once a week should be ok.

Emma Hyland owner and founder of MuMe solid make-up brush cleaner sent me two of her brush cleaners to try and here’s my verdict.

What I loved is that it comes in a convenient tin so it’s nice and compact and great for travelling. As it’s not a liquid it means no spills so it’s perfect for popping into your bag when you are on the go. It comes in a compact, solid, wax-like formula.  MuMe brush cleaner is an Irish product that makes the task of cleaning quick and easy. It has 100% natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals so it is kind to your brushes and perfect for sensitive skin. The Kaolin clay gently removes your make-up and germs from your brushes while the goats milk keeps the bristles soft. It also is so simple to use. All you have to do is wet your make-up brush with warm water and swirl it around the cleanser until it creates a creamy texture. The cleanser inside moves with the brush which means hardly any effort is required. Continue to swirl the brush in the palm of your hand, rinse with warm water and repeat until your brush is clean which doesn’t take long. A little really goes a long way. I really liked it, a big thumbs up from me. They have also recently launched a natural vegan solid make-up brush cleanser. It is vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, alcohol free and it’s pink!