Stars and celebrities may be naturally gorgeous but even the elite need a little help every now and then! Over the coming weeks I will be speaking to a number of celebrities about their favourite skin care and make up products and little tips that they swear by. Marietta Doran is Carlow’s own fashion stylist and TV presenter. She has a highly successful television career in Ireland and the UK and has emerged as one of Ireland’s hottest fashion stylists.

Marietta’s Skin Care Essentials: Good skin means good skin care and nobody knows this better than Marietta. Having to attend numerous functions and events she knows that you can never underestimate the positive effects of maintaining a good, well balanced skincare routine. Her all-time favourite skincare products are the Irish Seavite range. Seavite was created in 1993 by a marine scientist, who believed in the healing powers of the sea. Patrick and his wife Kaye set about bottling the goodness of the sea, and after years of research Patrick combined his in-depth knowledge of marine science and nature to create Seavite – Ireland’s original organic, seaweed-based skincare range. Marietta’s favourite product is the Seavite anti-ageing cleaner (€17.50) which delicately and effectively dissolves all traces of make-up and impurities, maintaining the skins natural barrier. She also uses Seavite soothing and hydrating toner (€15.00) and moisturises with moisturising and replenishing face cream (€33.50) which is particularly suitable for drier, mature or sensitive and reactive skin types. The face cream contains organic seaweed extracts to balance the skin and strengthen its natural complexion. Seavite is available in pharmacies nationwide or

Marietta’s make up essentials: Marietta lists Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser as a favourite to help achieve her radiant glow and she is a big fan of MAC cosmetics with MAC HD eyebrow pencil (€17), MAC peaches powder blush (€23) and MAC lip glass in Dreamy (€18) all available online @ House of Fraser.

If stranded on a desert island, whether by choice or not, Marietta’s must-have is MAC Fast Black Lash Mascara (€18). It is an intensely rich, deep black mascara that instantly combs and lifts the lashes for incredible volume and length.

Marietta favourite fragrance is Chanel No 5, also available online @ House of Fraser
Marietta’s tips and tricks:
Use white eyeliner on the water line of the eye to eradicate tired red eyes.
Store nail varnish in the fridge prior to use, the finished result will look smoother.