Make-over Competition

A look back at last years make-over competition.

The winner of the beauty make-over 2014 was Helen Lyons from Carlow town. Helen was delighted to win the prize and really enjoyed the full day of pampering. Her day began with a Benefit Brow Arch and Tint from the new Benefit Brow Bar in Sam McCauley’s in Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow.  At the Benefit Brow Bar they focus on creating the perfect brow for each individual. They achieve this by brow mapping and the benefit team chat with each individual to find what look they are hoping to achieve. They also tint the brows to make them appear fuller and give them more definition. The treatment concludes with concealing and filling in the brows. The treatment gave Helen’s brows more definition and gave her whole face an instant lift. The Benefit brow arch and tint costs €26.

Thomas Sunderland Photography_8989

The next stage of the transformation was a visit to Lash Technician, Debbie Gibney for a full set of mink eye lash extensions. Semi-permanent mink eyelash extensions are the newest revolutionary eyeless treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker culture creating natural looking lashes. You apply one extension to one natural lash using a super sensitive lash glue. You will be amazed at how lightweight the lashes are and how beautifully enhanced your eyes look. For Helen we went for a natural everyday look to suit her life style using the beautiful C curl mink lash in a size 7. The effect instantly opens up the eyes giving tired aging peepers an instant pick me up which takes years off. The overall effect is a beautiful lash line that accentuates your eye. The lashes are weightless and do not damage your own natural lashes. Debbie says ‘Say no to fighting with your mascara brush and get lashed today’.  A full set of mink lashes is €50.

Helen’s next stop was a visit to Lynda Maher Hair Studio where Alex treated Helen to a complete hair transformation. Alex started with a colour cleanse to remove traces of previous colour and then applied a warm chocolate brown colour with caramel and copper highlights. Alex then restyled Helen’s hair into a modern cropped Pixie cut to give Helen a tighter, trendier look. She was then treated to an American oil treatment to nourish and add shine and body to the hair.

I completed her look with a fresh, natural make-up that Helen would be able to recreate at home. I primed the skin and then used an Artdeco foundation and green concealing cream to tone down her redness. I focused on Helen’s eyes and made them the focal point of her face using warm browns to create the look. I used the eye shadow above the crease line to give Helen the illusion of a lift. I kept blusher to minimum as Helen suffers with high colour and I didn’t want to emphasize this. I completed the look with a natural, wearable lipstick.

Last stop was to Thomas Sunderland’s photography studio in Carlow. Thomas has built a reputation not only in Carlow but nationwide as a professional and highly respected photographer. His relaxed and fun approach put Helen at ease and captured some lovely photos to complete Helen’s transformation.


Helen before pic



Photo by Thomas Sunderland

Beauty Make-Over Team

Benefit Brow Arch & Tint, Benefit, Sam McCauley’s, Fairgreen, Carlow

Semi-permanent mink Eyelash Extensions by Debbie Gibney

Hair Restyle and Colour by Alex in Lynda Maher Hair Studio, Tullow Street, Carlow

Make-up by Sara Ashmore Kehoe

Photo-shoot by Thomas Sunderland Photography

Make-up goody bag from Catrice Cosmetics


Photo by Thomas Sunderland