Flawless Foundation

With so many foundation on our beauty shelves, choosing the perfect shade can a bit intimidating. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the finishing touches of makeup we forget what is really most important – getting the basics right.

If you want to create a perfectly balanced base, a perfect skin match is vital and it isn’t just matching your skin colour that’s important, you’ll need to take your skin type into consideration.

Stripe testing is the best way to figure out which shade is right for you. “The most important thing to look for in a foundation is that you cannot see it on your skin”. That is when you know you have the right shade. It should disappear into your skin and there should be no tell-tale lines. The one that fades away is a keeper, as it will flawlessly blend with both your face and neck. Always make sure to test your foundation colour in daylight.

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Simple make up tips for flawless foundation

  1. Apply primer after you moisturizer. The primer will give the skin a smooth effect allowing an even base for your foundation. My two favourites are Laura Mercier Protect SPF 30 €41and Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer €39.99
  2. Choose your foundation wisely. From creams, liquids and powders, try and choose a foundation that suits your skin type- use an oil free foundation for oily skin and mineral based foundations work well for sensitive skin as they contain less ingredients that could aggravate the skin. If you are going for the natural look, look out for words such as “light weight” or “sheer”. Women with dry skin should use moisturising foundations with words like ‘hydrating’ or ‘moisture rich ‘written on the bottle.
  3. Find your shade- find a foundation that matches your complexion, test the colour on your jaw line. Stripe testing is best, the colour that blends into your skin is the keeper.
  4. Apply the foundation from the centre outwards, it will get sheerer as you move closer to your hairline and jaw preventing harsh lines. I recommend using a foundation brush for a more professional finish. A brush will save you using too much product and they are much more hygienic than using a sponge. The main disadvantage of using your fingers to apply foundation is that the heat from your hand can mix with the foundation altering the colour and can result in uneven application.

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I love Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation €42.69 and Ultra HD Foundation from Make-up Forever €43.00. Some of the top three Irish top selling budget brands are Catrice Even tone Beautifying Foundation €8.50, L’Oreal True Match €14.99 and Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hr Foundation €16.49.


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Sara’s beauty tip: Test foundation on the skin near the jaw line, in a natural light. Ensure the foundation tone you choose isn’t too different from the natural shade of your neck.