Eye shadow shades to enhance your eyes

It is a question I get frequently asked. ‘What eye shadow colours should I be wearing for my eye colour? Like with clothes it is not necessary to match your eyeshadow colour exactly to your eye colour, particularly if you have blue or green eyes.  However if you have brown eyes, you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with almost every colour.

Blue Eyes

In order to make blue eyes pop, you need to use contrasting colours. These shades are found opposite blue on the colour wheel and you are best to choose light neutral tones.  Colours like browns, apricots, orange and peach complement blue eyes. A perfect palette for blue eyes is the recently released ‘Honey’ palette from Inglot’s ‘Signature Collection’.

This palette is loaded with four rich, ultra-pigmented honey tone shadows – including two brand new shades. This gorgeous selection of burnt, rustic shades range from delicious chocolate brown to soft vanilla and warm honey. It is suitable for all eye colours, but particularly beautiful on blue eyes. Shades are 291, 300, 305, and 287

Green Eyes

Red is the contrasting colour for green eyes so colours like burgundies, dark peach and plums work well. Purple works really well for a night time look. A lovely palette is MAC’s Burgundy Times Nine €33.50 eyeshadow palette. It contains nine pigmented eyeshadows with gorgeous peach, rust and cranberry shades.

MAC €33.50 Burgundy Times Nine

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are middle ground between green and brown which means that they have the benefit of pulling off colours from both the green and brown families. I personally love the golden and brown tones on hazel eyes.

Brown Eyes

As brown is a neutral colour you can get away with almost anything, as most colours work well with brown eyes. Go for blues, purples in addition to neutrals like’s chocolates and bronzes. You can’t go wrong with neutral brown and NYX took its popular Lip Lingerie’s and turned them into matte eye shadows with a velvety texture, just like the liquid lipsticks. Because they’re so creamy, the NYX Lid Lingerie €10.50 are super-bendable. If you prefer using your fingers these are the eyeshadows for you!


The Kat Von D Pastel Goth eyeshadow palette, has nice pastel shades that may seem intimidating, and actually, yes they are pastel considering they are so vibrant, but they are surprisingly easy to use. For those of you that prefer a brighter eye look, this palette is amazing but there are lovely peach and lilac colours that are great neutrals and is flattering on all skin tones.

Sara Loves

Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics €30.00 palette is an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend the price on a full-sized palette but want access to Urban Decay’s high-pigmented neutral shades. The Naked 2 Basics palette features six of the most popular and most-often used shades from the full-sized Naked 2 palette. This palette is a great, easily transportable products that allows you to create a full neutral look using only this mini palette.