Do you really need a different moisturiser for your eyes?

Do you really need a specialised moisturiser for your eyes or is it just a glorified moisturiser in a smaller bottle? There is a lot of debate in the beauty world as to whether eye creams really work. My opinion would be yes, it is necessary and I personally wouldn’t do without an individual eye product.


Walking down a beauty product aisle can leave you feeling confused about which sort of eye care you might need. Cosmetic companies have flooded the market with moisturisers, creams, serums all promising to tone resulting in younger looking skin around the eyes. As early as our mid to late 20’s and into our 30’s, you will probably see the first signs of ageing. One of the first areas to show signs are the small lines at the sides of your eyes known as crow’s feet. Even with preventative measures, crow’s feet will still appear although they will appear less. They are part of the ageing process.

The skin around your eyes is a little different from the rest of your face. The skin is thinner and shows signs of ageing more quickly than other areas of your face do. This thinness makes it vulnerable to allergic reactions. Over time the skin dries out and forms small wrinkles and skin under the eyes can be prone to puffiness if fluid builds up there. When the epidermis becomes thinner and the underlying veins become more prominent, dark circles can form. Heredity, lack of sleep, too much sun exposure and ageing can all cause dark circles. A lot of moisturisers are too powerful for the delicate eye area and can cause irritation and stinging.

Unlike the rest of the face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help to keep skin moist. Keep the skin moisturised with eye cream, if the skin loses moisture the resulting dryness can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. These are some of the reasons why a separate eye cream is recommended.

Most eye creams are formulated to contain more emollient properties to hydrate and soften and ingredients to boost collagen. I look for creams that contain active ingredients like Retinoids-(Vitamin A), AHA’s, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays using an SPF and wear sunglasses. Exposure to UV rays is one of the most common ways our skin loses collagen and elastin, losing its ability to bounce back causing lines and wrinkles.

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