Celebrity Make-up Artist James Vincent flies in from New York to Dublin

World renowned make-up artist James Vincent flew in from New York to Dublin last month to share his industry tips and secrets. James has worked in every area of make-up artistry from film and TV (America’s Next Top Model) to runway (Marc Jacobs, Serena Williams). He has painted the faces of everyone from Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry. Make-up Forever hosted the masterclass in the Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin where James created two key looks and adapted them from runway to high street.

It is great to see such an influential make-up artist getting flawless skin using minimal foundation, bringing out the beauty yet creating impact with a 60’s inspired eye look. He said that the function of foundation is to even out skin tone and any irregularities in the skin, not to change the colour of the skin. James said that ‘A lot people think that if they wear a foundation that is a few shades too dark for their natural skin colouring that they will look tanned, but we all know that isn’t true. Match your foundation to your exact skin tone, you can add colour and warmth with bronzer and blusher. Blush is very big this season. With a flush of colour showing through the skin rather than sitting on top of the foundation. James demonstrated this by using fake blood on the apple of the cheeks before applying any products onto the skin. This is what makes James Vincent, the best in the industry. James said that ‘Ireland is considered one of the hottest areas in the world for make-up’. Along with demonstrating two key looks, he give us an insight of future make-up trends.


Future Make-up Trends

1 Skin Is In – the runway is seeing minimal foundation on the skin and more skin.

2 Prominent Pout

3 Blush Is In – Adding a little blush is fresh and modern. To achieve this add a little dusting on the apple of your cheeks

4 Radiant Glow – More highlight and less contour. ‘Nontouring’ is in!

5 Pops of Colour – Little pops of colour, it doesn’t have to be dramatic. I’m loving coloured liner in the waterline.

6 Gloss Over It – Gloss is in.  Not just on your lips, mix some glitter with your gloss and use it on your lips and eyelids.

7 Up In Smoke – Any eye shape, size or colour can carry off a smokey eye. What I love about it is that your liner doesn’t have to be perfect because you are going to smoke it out to be on trend.

8 Glitter Glow – Glitter is going to be everywhere next season.


‘Beauty is my life’, James Vincent