Carter Beauty Launch

The unstoppable force behind the innovative Cocoa Brown has launched a full collection of makeup products with everything you need from lipsticks, foundations, highlighters, eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascaras. Rather than just come out with one or two products like most brands do, Marissa Carter launched Carter Beauty with a whopping 103 makeup products.

At the launch, Marissa explained how she is passionate about beauty:

“Before Cocoa Brown I owned my own salon, Carter Beauty and the satisfaction I got from seeing a woman watching herself transform was second to none. Carter Beauty is almost an ode to that. It’s really important to us that our customers get value for their money without skimping on quality.”

From long lasting, jet black gel liner (€4.95) to high pigment eyeshadow palettes (€14.95) and colour pop matte lipsticks (€6.95), the Carter Beauty brand has something for everyone.

Just like Cocoa Brown, Carter Beauty is cruelty-free, fuss-free and value for money. Items in the range start from as low as €3.95, and the most expensive product in the collection are the eye-shadow eyeshadow palettes at €14.95.

It’s difficult to pick out a hero product from the collection as there are many, but for me after trying a few of the products in the collection – it has to be The supreme gel liner, it is so easy to use and at €4.95 it is a steal. I love it! It also happens to be Marissa’s favourite product too. ‘I couldn’t live without the Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner. It’s so easy to use, jet black, and it lasts all day,’  she said – and it’s only €4.95.

Marissa told the huge crowd of make-up professionals and press at the launch that the packaging was inspired after she had her nails done – she loved the nail colour and the packaging was born, a feminine pale pink with lilac.

Carter Beauty launched with two foundations, with an impressive shade range– and if you are a certain shade in one, that’s the corresponding shade you will be in the other. The first foundation is the Full Measure HD foundation, giving full coverage with a matte finish. The second foundation is Half Measure Dewy Foundation when you want less coverage and more skin. Both are priced at a reasonable €9.85.

Three eye shadows palette’s were launched with 18 shades in each palette. The warm velvet palette is the most dramatic of the three palettes, the smooth nude palette is ideal for everyday looks and the sweet apricot palette is ideal for the bride.

Available is some pharmacies right now, Carter Beauty will be available in over 100 more pharmacies nationwide over the coming weeks.

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