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An interview with bestselling author Emma Hanigan: Her beauty tips and secrets.


I recently caught up with bestselling Irish author Emma Hanigan. Emma has written several books including a memoir of her battle with cancer ‘Talk to the headscarf’. She has battled cancer nine times over the past six years and she is a carrier of the BRCA gene. Emma remains positive and upbeat and is truly inspiring.



What skincare products do you use?

Double Serum 2I use MD formulations wash morning and evening followed by Revision Skincare factor 50 moisturizer in the mornings adding in Clairns Double Serum and Quintessence clarifying under-eye serum at night.


What is your skincare routine?

I’m a trained beauty therapist and have always taken care of my skin. I always cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and evening. I also use factor 50 moisturizer under my makeup every day, summer and winter. I’m very into serums at the moment. I think they’re the way forward. They’re light and easily absorbed by the skin. Now that I’m over 40 (eek) I need all the help I can get!


What are your favorite make-up products?

I adore make up and I prefer to buy one quality product rather than a whole pile of cheaper things. I love Chanel Foundation and I always end up going back to them. I’m a huge fan of Make up forever products too. I think it’s really important to update regularly, even if it’s only an eye shadow or lipstick. Technology changes all the time and it’s amazing how a new product can freshen up a look. I often visit the make up counters in large department stores to see what new things are on the market.


What beauty/make-up products could you not live without?

cha-cha-tintMy every day ‘face’ which I wouldn’t even venture to the front gate without consists of Chanel Lumiére make up, Cha Cha Tint by Benefit for a soft glow on my cheeks, Dior Maximizer for under mascara, Make up forever mascara, YSL touché éclat and make up forever lip enhancing balm. I’m currently in love with Dr Hauschka lip sticks!


Your desert island product.

Revision Skincare tinted moisturizer – it has a bit of colour and its factor 50. I go from zero to burn in 60 seconds and if I were on a desert island I’d fry without this!


What is your favourite beauty treatment?

A lovely pedicure at Anna Schu in Bray. Having pretty trotters always makes me feel better!



Emma’s beauty tips or tricks

Having tinted eyelashes especially during the summer means no smudged panda eyes on the beach. A decent pedicure is a must – green toenails in sandals can’t be carried off by anyone bar Shrek and Princess Fiona. Lipstick livens up all faces and it’s my fail-safe if I haven’t time to do a full make up.


Emma’s best beauty advice

Always wear sunscreen. UVA and UVB rays are harmful in every way. Nobody wants to look like a handbag J

Her new novel ‘The Summer Guest’ now available in bookshops.

Visit www.emmahanigan.com for more information.