3 Day detox: Beauty From Within

Juicing has been around for a few years so I decided is was time to take my first step into the craze by embarking on a 3 day detox from Juice Delivery Dublin.  I was to survive on 5 juices over 3 days.

Juice delivery is the brain wave of Carlow native Elaine Connolly who decided to set it up when she started looking at ways to improve her own health. The juices are all 100% natural and are made from a variety of pure ingredients like apple, carrot, beetroot, pineapple and some more unusual ones like avocado, broccoli and yellow pepper.

I was away for a few day on holidays in the West of Ireland so I decided to start the detox the day after I returned as I was quite bloated from all the hotel food and the lack of exercise. The huge advantage of this detox is that all the juices are delivered pre-prepared to your door by a friendly courier which takes all the hassle out of making the juices yourself leaving you only to drink them!



Day 1

I started the day with hot water and lemon instead of my regular cup of tea. Mentally I did struggle with this, as I am a big tea addict and throughout the detox this was one of my biggest challenges. The juices were surprising good, and as the days went on I grew to like them even more. There were occasions when I did feel a bit hungry, but I think this was because I didn’t stick exactly to the recommended times to take the juices. The hardest times of the day were when I had to prepare the kids meals. Energy levels were good early in the day so I exercised as normal but by evening I was exhausted and headed to bed early.

Day 2

I woke up feeling proud that I got through one day. I stuck to the recommended times religiously and that worked much better for me.

Day 3

This was definitely the easiest of the 3 days, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a breeze. There were one or two times when I did ask myself why am I doing this. Today was the day that I was actually dreading the most as it was my daughter’s birthday party with lots of cakes and sweets around to tempt me. But my willpower kicked in and I was determined to see it through. My stomach definitely felt less bloated which kept me going knowing that I had less than 24 hours to go.


I did feel better, maybe not during the detox but definitely the days after the detox I had more energy. I felt a great sense of achievement and it has kicked started me back into a healthy diet. I lost just over 4Ibs in the 3 days which is always a bonus!

Would I do it again?

Yes.  Although 3 days was enough! Do it, it is tough, it requires willpower, but stick with it and warn others you are doing it (there may be times you might be a bit grumpy) but you will definitely feel better after it!

Go to www.juicedelivery.ie for more information.