The gLove – The World’s First Five Finger Tanning Glove

It’s not that often I review tanning products as I have the not so typical Irish skin that seems to be attracted to the sun! But when I was asked to review the gLove tanning mitt – the world’s first five finger glove. I was a little intrigued! The world’s first Tanning Glove – The gLove was created by Irish Mum of 3 Janice O’Suillivan. It is the first 5 finger tanning glove in the world.

So, you might be thinking a tanning glove is a tanning glove?  They’re bits of material that you rub tan on with, how much can they really do? The glove is velvety smooth and the tan goes on really well.

It is fingerless so it goes between fingers and toes without that dreaded cut off point that you would normally get with other tanning gloves. It didn’t leave any streaks, which is in my opinion with the choice of colour the most important.  Definitely my favourite tanning glove at the moment!

Sara x