Exclusive Interview with Jane Swarbrigg from Inglot Cosmetics Ireland

Jane Swarbrigg (Inglot Ireland) tells me how she keeps her skin looking amazing and future plans for Inglot cosmetics.

Geraldine Swarbrigg brought the Inglot franchise to Ireland in 2009.

Her daughter Jane (janeinglot), one half of Inglot’s brother sister director duo, has rapidly become a huge online and social influencer, with her social media following following now boasting over 30,000. Jane is the face of Inglot Cosmetics and has hosted the Inglot roadshows and various other exciting Inglot events and launches around the country.
I recently interviewed Jane and I have to admit I was like a giddy school girl when I met her!

How did it all begin?
My Mum and I discovered Inglot while travelling in 2009 and knew there was something very special and unique about the products especially the freedom system,
The quality was fantastic not to mention the reasonable price.
We approached the owner Mr Inglot in Poland and very quickly opened our first store in Liffey Valley in July 2009.

What is Inglot’s bestselling product?

77 Gel Liner we sell an average of 68 per day that’s 3 every hour.

What Inglot products can you not live without? 
Peach Primer, my new favourite foundation our Beautifier, Brow Gel 16 and the perfect nude lip combo 63 Lip pencil and 51 Lip Paint.
I also love the sculpt powders which I use on my eyes as shadows and for contours, you can’t beat a multi-functional product.

What advice can you give to aspiring make-up artists/business women?

Educate yourself as much as possible as competition is fierce these days and knowledge brings confidence.
Try to be different whether it be for an interview, work presentations or your make up social media pages. Aim to stand out in the crowd…and of course practice, practice, practice!

You have beautiful skin. Do you follow a strict skincare routine?

Thank you I do indeed firstly I drink lots of water and try to eat well, I always remove my make-up
and have a little evening skincare routine. I use only Skinician skincare products and Inglot both high quality brands, made from natural ingredients that don’t test on animals.

Me with Jane in Carlow IFE Make-up Department

Who is your inspiration?

My Mum she is a savvy business woman who built an outstanding career in retail did it all while raising a family.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Follow your gut instinct always. It’s important to take risks and get advice i order to succeed but always listen to that little voice in your mind.

Business hopes for Inglot? Inglot Carlow? 

In 2018 we are focusing on our expansion into the UK and have some very exciting campaigns and products on the way.
Inglot Carlow is a possibility for the future.

Who is on your guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Jennifer Lopez she is just a machine and absolute hero of mine, Tom Hardy for some eye candy, Coco Chanel what an inspirational business woman
and my Dad cause he is just hilarious and would keep us all entertained!