Review of ….. Sunscreen P20.

I was on holidays last year with my friend Michelle Duggan and she purchased P20 on her way through duty free, so I asked her to review it for me for the few days that we were away.  I am always a little bit nervous when it says only apply once a day. Here’s Michelle’s review:


“When choosing a sunscreen, it boils down to one main thing: protection from the sun. Or does it?”

Given that all the main brands on offer do this at some level, why buy one over the other?

Brands develop personalities for products and portray convincing reasons to persuade us to use them and disregard others. I chose the sunscreen P20 this summer and this is how it happened.


This wasn’t an informed and rational decision.  It was instinctive and reactionary. I purchased based on colour, shape and familiarity of location.  So before logic and rational has a chance, my reptilian brain made the decision for me. It was supermarket product positioning that first convinced me that this product was a market leader and a confident choice to make.  Why else would they place it at eye level and not hidden away on the bottom or top shelf!

Seeing the uncomplicated “P20” name print – this was a little reprieve in the hectic business of shopping where one is faced with 1000 words plus on products throughout the supermarket – all of which we are supposed to read! Did I read the packaging – No.  The title. P20.  Factor 30.  A total of 3 words. C’est toute!


It’s simple cylindrical bottle signalling to my brain that this is an uncomplicated and ‘does what it says on the tin’ product. White – a neutral, clean and pure colour.  Orange, a colour associated with fun experiences, family and fun.  Not a bad combination for a human hygiene product to be used on holiday! I immediately had a tingle of excitement as I saw the bottle size of 100ml!! Hand luggage!! Do I like to be organised and prepared? Yes!!  So, without knowing any scientific research on this product, they had me!


Pro’s Con’s
Bottle Size: 100ml bottle – hand luggage size! Nice!

Very easy to carry in a handbag in the evening as the sun was still strong when heading out for an evening meal.

Only three 100ml bottles can fit in the recommended clear plastic bag. (10ml, 30ml, 50ml) – will only suffice for shorter 3 to 5 day sunbathing holiday.
Value for Money: 100ml bottle a little overpriced. Other brands are usually in 150ml or 200ml sized bottles for the same price – so not getting the most ‘value for money’
Convenience: Ready to sunbath the minute you get off the plane – avoids the immediate panic of having to go straight to the supermarket to buy sunscreen. Most resorts have supermarkets on site and this may not bother you as you have to pick up other supplies also. Little bottle of vino for the evening time as well as milk, bread and butter!
Possible Savings: You avoid having to pay overpriced resort supermarket prices for sunscreen


Is on offer at various times during the summer in the supermarkets.

Sunscreen, while can be sold at an exorbitant price at some resorts, equally, it can also cheaper – better value to wait and buy when you arrive. Do some research before you go!

Other brands are also offer throughout the summer.

Application & Coverage:

Easy to apply once you spray out a lot of liquid.  It is hard to spread otherwise.  I found that my skin absorbed the liquid very fast once sprayed.  (This could have been because my skin was very dry)

Ensuring 100% coverage was a little tricky at first.  The liquid appears clear and you have to rely on touch – how damp your skin feels –  to figure out where you have applied and not!

Once I got the hang of it, I was happy with the coverage and found only sunburned spots where I had missed!

Clear liquid applied on the skin is nice when dressed for the evening, however I found it also left yellow stain on clothes – similar to other sunscreen products.


I did need to reapply several times a day.

Good spray nozzle.  The liquid texture did not hamper using the spray nozzle as is the case with some creams.

The smell was agreeable and faint.

Star Rating:3 ½ out of 5

I liked the size of the bottle, smell and coverage.  I struggled with the application. (That could have been my lack of skill & patience!).  Arriving on holiday with sunscreen and avoiding the supermarket rush compensated for the over the odds price I paid. I would use this product again however I would prefer to use a white cream sunscreen that I could see in the initial days of my holiday so I could be doubly sure and confident of not burning.