Alison Canavan is one of Ireland’s top models, a presenter, an author and a wellness coach – so clearly a very busy lady! I caught up with Alison recently to find out her beauty and make-up tips, desert island product and her secret tips to glowing skin.
Alison recently launched her debut book Minding Mum: It’s Time to Take Care of You published by Gill and available at €16.99 from all good bookshops.  This fantastic book is a guide to new mum’s to help them navigate the world of motherhood without forgetting to look after themselves. It also includes chapters on beauty, exercise, nutrition, post- natal depression and mindfulness.

Alison Canavan | Minding Mum | 2016
Alison Canavan | Minding Mum | 2016

So, to the questions!

What is your skincare routine and what products do you use?
My skincare routine is quite rigid these days as I’m struggling to cope with some adult acne and hormonal imbalances. Cleansing is the most important part of any skincare routine especially if you have been out and about and wearing make-up all day.
I cleanse using a cream cleanser from Phyts which is a natural skincare range, then I tone and then I use Naturoderm on my spots before using a moisturiser. I’m using all natural products as I think it’s really important that we look at the amount of toxic ingredients we are putting onto our skin daily.
As our bodies are excellent at detoxing naturally its more the cumulative effect of all the products each day I try and keep in check. I also use a natural deodorant too.

What is your favourite product?
Currently the Naturoderm from Phyts for my spots as it works wonders for my skin.

phyt's naturoderm
What make-up products are you currently using?
I use natural make up brands Couleur Caramel and Physicians formula. Again, they are chemical free so for me it’s an extension of my skincare and health routine and not only that they are amazing! Couleur Caramel is an amazing brand that is used by French film stars and TV actresses and they are the make-up partner for the Cannes film festival and French dancing with the stars.

alison c
Any tips on applying make-up/trends?
Yes, less is more. I started modelling at 15 and soon after travelled to Paris and London where we were taught to highlight our features. Make up should make you look like a better version of yourself and not a different person. Foundation should blend well and not be too heavy. Even if you have bad skin there is no need for heavy foundation just conceal where necessary. I’m also not a big fan of heavy contouring because it’s a trend that works great on camera and on head shots but it can be difficult to translate into real life so no contouring is the future!
What is your favourite make-up product that you couldn’t live without?
My Couleur Caramel mascara is completely toxin free and doesn’t irritate my eyes and it’s a great mascara. I used to think that I was allergic to make up remover but it was actually the irritants and toxins in the eye products as opposed to the removers as now I have no problem.

couleur carmel
What is your desert island product?
Coconut oil as it has so many uses. I use it as a mouth rinse to help detox and clean your teeth and gums. It’s an ancient Ayurveda technique that I practise a few times a week. It’s also a great body moisturiser and is an extremely healthy source of good fats in our diets. What’s not to love!
What is your favourite beauty treatment?
A massage! My life is hectic so whenever I am lucky enough to have a massage I am very grateful.
Any beauty tips/advice?
Be kind to yourself and treat yourself well. Always use products to suit your skin type and if you are not sure visit a dermatologist or a good beautician and get some good advice. I used to use any type moisturiser on my skin as I thought I was young and bullet proof but I now realise that prevention is key and using good products and taking care of your skin from an early age is important. Always wear sunscreen even in winter!

Alison is also doing the ‘The Full 360’ tour which is about joining the dots with our health and well-being. The full 360 tour covers includes beauty and product demo’s on stage, a fashion show, talks on detox and healthy eating with guests receiving a healthy lunch.

Alison commented “As a health coach, overall wellness is my passion and I want to help people understand that there is a lot they can do to help themselves by taking small steps and making small changes in their own daily livealison 2s. The Full 360 is about joining the dots with our health and wellbeing and that includes beauty, skincare, food, exercise, fashion and overall lifestyle choices which affect our energy, vitality, mood and much more.

People are more stressed and busier than ever, and we all put enormous pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone – often treating ourselves quite harshly and negatively. It’s time to practice self care to cope with the demands of our busy world. The Full 360 is about joining the dots with our health and wellbeing and having fun along the way.

What we put on our body (skincare) as well as what we put in our body (nutrition) contribute to our overall health and I will also be introducing my guests to mindfulness/meditation, the power of your breath, writing a gratitude diary and much more.

There will also be beauty and product demos on stage, a fashion show including great fitness wear, talks on detox, healthy eating habits (guests will receive a healthy lunch), essential oils and much more.

Tickets will cost €95 and guests will receive a copy of my book ‘Minding Mum’, which includes great practical advise on nutrition, exercise, body image, meditation, beauty, post-natal depression and much more as well as great goody bags with healthy and nutritious products”

The shows will take place in April/May, Alison will be hosting them in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Kilkenny


For more tickets go to For more information on Alison or her book go to

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